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Pressure washer you need for everything from structures to vehicles, boats, decks, driveways, patios, truck, sidewalk, floors and lawn equipment etc..
Multi-functional pressurized jet machine will pack plenty of power to efficiently blast away dirt, grease, grime, mildew, rust and oil from your home driveway, sidewalk, garden, outdoor furniture, vehicles and more
Color-coded spray tips lets you conveniently select the appropriate nozzle size to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs, starting with the lower pressure nozzle before working to higher pressure for the best results
Handles are made retractable to quickly extend and retract for operator ease of use, designed to be compact for easy mobility and safe storage
Built-in onboard hose reel helps to prevent kinks within the 20ft. long hose and makes winding and unwinding the hose an easy task
Spray gun features a total stop system (TSS) to automatically shut off pump when trigger isn?t engaged, letting you save more energy and prolong pump life
This electric pressure washer incorporates an integrated 34oz detergent tank attachment to hold chemical cleaning agents and solutions

Color: Yellow
Working Pressure: 1630PSI
Max Pressure (Burst): 2000PSI
Amp: 13
Motor: 120v/60 Hz
Max. Flow: 1.7GPM
# of Interchangeable Nozzle Adapter: 3 (0?, 25?, and soap) Inner Pack 1 Case Pack 1

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