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    2 ton capacity folding space saver shop crane
    Heavy-duty construction
    8 ton long stroke jack with single pump
    Fully adjustable, telescoping 4 position boom with chain and hook
    6 heavy-duty caster wheels
    Quickly folds for compact storage
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    Case Pack 1



    2 ton capacity folding space saver shop crane
    Heavy-duty construction
    8 ton long stroke jack with dual pump
    Fully adjustable, telescoping 4 position boom with chain and hook
    6 heavy-duty caster wheels
    Quickly folds for compact storage
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    The max weight capacity of this engine stand is up to 1000 pounds. And its reinforced steel neck provides strength and eliminate flexing when supporting an engine block up to 1000 lb
    Constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability
    Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust
    Front swivel castors allow you to move and position engine exactly where you need it
    Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
    360 degree swiveling and locking head allows easy rotation for obtaining the perfect angle position and securing it there
    Heavy-gauge tubular construction with industrial-grade steel bearing casters for easy maneuverability
    Mounting head has four adjustable arms with bolt holes to accommodate various load sizes
    Long handle with rubber grips allows easy engine rotation
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    Heavy Duty Construction: This engine stand made of durable carbon steel material, coated red and black finish on surface, which makes it anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and meanwhile ensures its long service lifespan.
    Sufficient Bearing Capacity: The max weight capacity of this engine stand is up to 1500lbs. And its reinforced steel neck and base provide more strength and eliminate flexing, which makes it can hold different engine under kinds of occasions.
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    1100 pounds capacity. Adjustable range: 58″ x 28″ width. Features two hook assemblies for ease of use. Tubular steel construction for long life. Rubber padded support legs ensure stability during use. Includes two 36″ chain assemblies.

    Engine support bar has a 1100 pounds capacity
    Adjustable width of 58 inch x 28 inch
    Features two hook assemblies for ease of use and tubular steel construction for long life
    Rubber padded support legs ensure stability during use
    Comes with two 36 inch chain assemblies
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    • [QUALITY]: Oil drip tray is constructed of high quality, recyclable polythene plastic that is resistant to corrosion so your oil pan will remain durable for carrying oil, gasoline, and antifreeze.
    • [CONVENIENT]: Anti splash curled lip edge prevents any splashing that can occur while moving the pan.
    • [SIZE]: Deep 5″ x 12.55″ pan can hold a high capacity up to two gallons/8 liters making it the perfect oil pan for oil changes.
    • [PORTABLE]: Easy grip handles on both sides of the pan makes for easy transportation and attached spout makes for easy draining into large openings.
    • [COMPACT]: Sturdy handle makes for convenient hanging when not in use and low profile makes it easy to store away.
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    This 20 Gal. Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank is used for extracting waste oil and other fluids from vehicles to be transferred to any secondary container. Using standard shop air pressure is sufficient to quickly empty used fluids from the storage tank. Height can be adjusted from 45 in. to 72-1/2 in. for draining fluids from vehicles on lifts. This unit is built to last, it is made from heavy-duty steel construction and powder-coated finish to ensure corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Designed to be easy-to-use and portable. The 20 Gal. oil drain tank features smooth-rolling rear wheels and front caster wheels for quick maneuvering that perfect for use at home, repair shops or on-the-go.

    • Ideal for extracting waste oil and other fluids from vehicles using venturi-vacuum extracting system or draining by gravity
    • Oil lift drain special valve can easily transfer the used oil from the 20 Gal. tank to the recycling container at any height
    • Height adjusts between 45 in. to 72-1/2 in. for draining fluids from vehicles on lifts
    • Rugged steel construction with powder-coated finish for rust and corrosion resistance
    • Heavy-duty 15 in. Dia funnel with filter screen to properly drain waste fluids
    • Standard shop air pressure quickly empty used fluids from the storage tank
    • 2-swivel caster wheels and 2-large 6 in. rear wheels for smooth and quiet maneuvering
    • Suitable in home or business applications for automotive repairs, home workshop, automobile oil changes and more
    • Working pressure: 10 psi – gauge: 0 psi to 23 psi in 0.5 psi increments, regulator and gauge with 1/4 in. NPT air coupler
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    • Professional 5 Gallons Sandblaster Tank
    • Portable & Durable Comes with Handle & wheel
    • All Steel Construction
    • Provides 30% more power over the typical siphon units
    • Completed Set Comes with Spraying Valve & Blasting Nozzles
    • HD 9FT Hose With 3/8″ Brass Shut Off Valve
    • Working Pressure: 60-125PSI (6-25CFM)
    • Safety Relief Valve & Pressure Gauge Included
    • Tank Volume Capacity: 5 Gallon
    • Filter Funnel , Water Separator ,PTFE Tape
    • Canvas Blasting Hood
    • Ceramic Blast Nozzle: 0.076”, 0.098”, 0.118”, 0.132”
    • Easily remove paint, surface rust & oxidation
    • Great ideal use with any abrasive media such as sand,
    • glass beads, walnut hulls…etc
    • Suitable for home and business applications
  • SKU: 40500A


    • CAR CODE READER: This car diagnostic scanner is a professional plug-and-play OBD diagnosis tool that supports 9 OBD protocols. With a simple and easy to read display, you won’t need a professional to tell you why your engine light turned on.
    • EMISSION CODES: With On-Board Diagnostics, you can read and clear stored emission codes in newer vehicles that have standardized computer systems that monitor your emission control systems. View the freeze frame data and display I/M readiness.
    • MONITORING TYPES: This OBD reader shows VIN numbers and serves as a misfire, fuel system, EGR, EVAP, oxygen, and catalyst monitor.
    • USER-FRIENDLY: A car scanner with easy-to-use menus, this automotive tool supports 5 languages, imperial/metric units, & comes with a backlit display giving you the freedom to work all through the day whether at home or the garage.
    • WORKS ON OBD II COMPATIBLE VEHICLES: This unit is suitable for most US, European, and Asian manufactured cars and all OBD2, EOBD and CAN compliant vehicles. Look for the OBD II or OBD II Certified marking on your vehicle emission control information to know if your automobile is compatible.
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    Quickly safely removes the toughest strut springs. With Ram bracket slides, providing for multiple height adjustment. This foot-pedal operated hydraulic jack can be used both manually or air for speed and convenience



    • Rotating spring clasp bracket fits most models and sizes
    • Sliding ram bracket provides multiple height adjustment
    • Adjustable strut shaft clasp secures the strut during operation
    • Smooth, long stroke hydraulic actuator
    • 5500LBS force
    • Compression Length: 210-570mm (8.27-22.44’’)
    • Compressed Spring Diameter: 400mm (15.75’’)
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    • Built with the Best Components – From the highest grades of rugged steel to the long lasting, corrosion-resistant lead-free paint finish, and every part in between, use quality components built to exacting standards to deliver top performance and reliability
    • Extra Support – Engine parts are extremely heavy and working on a freely supported engine is quite dangerous without the correct precautions. But this 2-ton capacity stand provides the muscle and dependability expected from an extra point of support. A large 24in. x 24in. tripod base adds load stability from the ground up
    • Right Height For Your Job – With a 48-3/4in. to 84in. lift range, this hoist stand achieves the heights you need to easily get underneath a part or hold it up and out of the way. The all-thread screw rod allows you to make the fine adjustments you need to obtain the perfect working height
    • Easy Up, Even Toting A Load – The handle of the stand incorporates a thrust bearing that makes it easy to turn, even under the extreme pressures of a heavy load. And the large saddle design cradles the work-piece, allowing the stand to be properly positioned underneath the load
    • Use It Day In And Day Out – The high-position hoist stand is the perfect choice for everyday vertical lifting and support in automotive and repair shops. It also excels in situations where a combination of sleek design and superior strength is desirable.
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    2-piece auto wheel dolly set, great for moving cars, boats, planes and more. These are not the standard dollies you’ll see everywhere else. The four 3 in. swiveling casters allow for omni-directional movement around the garage with ball-bearing construction for maximum performance. Design includes onboard brakes to limit movement once the vehicle is in position along with a 16 in. x 12 in. diamond-plated surface to reduce the risk of slipping.

    • Wheel dolly is designed for easy and 1-person movement, it is great for garage or professional use for moving vehicles with ease, it is also ideal for moving trucks and amp, cars, save space in garage and jobsites
    • Wheel dolly is made from solid steel and amp, exquisite craft, so it is not easy to break or be out of shape, it also coated with powder finish for rust resistant
    • 4 dual-bearing swivel casters for mobility in all directions, provide 360° and ordm, rotation and free rolling for one-person jobs
    • Wheel dolly could hold weight up to 1,500 lbs. for each 1 and totally 3,000 lbs. for a set of 2, so it could move vehicles of most weight with ease
    • Our wheel dolly features with 4 universal wheels for convenient movement and 2 brakes for quick stop, each dolly also has a convenient carry handle for easy transportation
    • Tread of the wheel dolly is rough and sunk, so wheels are not easy to slip down from the treads, the stability could also be improved
    • Material: steel
    • Assembly required
    • Weight capacity: 1,500 lbs. per dolly
    • Caster size: 3 in.
    • Size of plate: 16 in. x 12 in.
    • Package contents: 2X wheel dolly car skates

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