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The tactile advanced, compound sliding miter saw, this sliding miter saw is for professional power and cutting. This saw includes a new and improved dust management feature for clean and healthy use. Milter saw with expanded cutting capacity suitable for various materials ranging from metal to wood
Compound-miter saw has an additional benefit of tilt – you can tilt the blade and blade head at a range of angles depending on the workpiece. This makes precise bevel cuts into wood possible. The cuts produced by this saw are compound and so a mix of both miter and bevel type cut
Adjustable miter scale allow users to quickly adjust the saw to the most common miter angles, allowing for square cuts, bevel cuts and compound cuts
Built-in beam guide controlled with single switch, it works once the machine is power on, making straight cuts more professional and easier
2 Extension rods for a larger working table to meet your requirement of large pieces cuts. Vice clamping system helps to fix the objects and free your hands
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